Code of Ethics:

We pledge allegiance to the following principles and policies: Our paramount responsibility is to our customers, our community and our country. Honesty is our guiding business policy. High standards of health, safety and sanitation shall be built into every home. Members shall deal fairly with their respective employees, subcontractors, suppliers and customers. As members of a progressive industry we encourage research to develop new materials, new building equipment and improved methods of home financing so every home purchaser may get the greatest value possible for every dollar spent. All sound legislative proposals effecting the betterment of our industry and the customers we serve shall have our informed and vigorous support.We hold inviolate in the free enterprise system and the American way of life. We pledge our support to our association and all related industries concerned with the preservation of legitimate rights and freedom.We assume these responsibilities freely and solemnly, mindful they are part of our obligation as members of the Seneca County Home Builders Association.


2014 Board of Trustees:
President: Thomas Daniel - 419-937-2838
Vice President: Keith Bouillon - 419-618-5718
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Marianne Kline - 419-937-1996

2014 Executive Board Members:
Randy Kuhn - 419-680-6823
Dana Bennett - 419-448-9000
Corey Showman - 419-443-1304
Denice Daniel (EO) - 419-937-2838

FAX: 419-937-1997


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